Unmissable global meeting of the main actors on the digital scene in Africa

« From smart cities to industry 4.0, what strategies for states, investors and multinationals in Africa ?»

     Meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow, supporting the digital transformation of the continent, promoting innovation and African technology, supporting entrepreneurship and youth, meeting the main actors on the digital scene in Africa, seeing the success stories and African talents, to think about the Africa of the future by acting now, just one meeting, the Afric’Up – Smart Africa – Startups Summit.

     Startups play a key role in creating jobs, stimulating economic growth and innovation. Africa is currently the continent with the highest rate of entrepreneurs offering, with their young company, new products or services.

     In addition, more than 450 million young people will enter the job market in Africa by 2050, which represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the African continent. Digital skills will be at the heart of the “fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation”

     This is why the aim of Afric’Up 2020 will be to create an entrepreneurial dynamic, to encourage collaborations, exchanges in order to enhance skills, to bring out the new champions of African digital technology, to highlight the role women, to foster the development of the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation across the continent, while connecting States, international institutions, investors, companies and startups.

     Join us to celebrate Africa around the theme « From smart cities to industry 4.0, what strategies for states, investors and multinationals in Africa ? »

     Through conferences, workshops, debates, networking, we will try to answer a set of questions on African digital news :

  • What strategies must African States adopt to succeed together in the digital transformation of the continent?
  • What action plans should be put in place?
  • What type of Governance should be adopted to carry out this action plan?
  • What are the key factors for successful digital transformation?
  • How to create “Africa-World digital bridges” for the transfer of know-how?
  • What disruptive technologies for the Africa of tomorrow?
  • How to accelerate the growth of our African startups internationally?
  • How can startups take advantage of the Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).
  • How does AI, blockchain, IoT structure the future of Africa?
  • How to industrialize your innovation?
  • Is Africa ready for Industry 4.0?
  • The empowerment of women, an essential driver of the transformation of Africa?
  • Africa’s new oil data? Threats, challenges or opportunities?
  •  How to preserve digital sovereignty in the face of the growth of cybercrime?
  •  Protection of personal data, digital sovereignty, which strategies to adopt in the face of GAFAM
  • State of supply and demand of digital products in Africa.
  • The importance of producing digital content in Africa.
  • What content of exportable African Smart Cities in the fields of e-health, e-education, e-agriculture, e-commerce….
  • What type of funding for the realization of these projects?