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  • First Day September 24, 2019
  • Second Day September 25, 2019
  • Third Day September 26, 2019
09.30 AM


For the first time, issues related to climate, demography, energy, networks, infrastructure, environment and digital transformation are widely discussed by political and institutional actors and investors. So what the fundings that will be provided by official development assistance? Are there new forms of investment? How do institutions support the development of African Smart Cities ? African Smart Cities need an innovative and creative startup ecosystem to evolve, how can international organizations support this emergence ?
● Objectives : Define, analyze, showcase the policies of support of investors and international institutions in African Smart City. Identify typical support programs and initiatives for the emergence of Tech Smart Cities for startups.
●Laurent Bossard - OCDE Africapolis
●Jewel ADJEI - CGLU-Africa
●Mohamed BA – IUT
●Carlo ROSSOTTO – mondial bank
●Jean Philippe De SCHREVEL – Bamboo Capital
●Walid MATHLOUTHI – Google USA
●Hichem BEN YAICHE - Rédacteur en Chef New African, African Business
10.20 AM

Panel 2 : Why is the smart city so important in Africa ? And what kind of Smart City is suitable for Africa?

It is essential that Africa thinks about its urban planning development. The continent cannot only focus on economic growth. Should we transpose the Western Smart City model or the African Smart City should respond to its own issues ? How can African Smart cities promote overall growth ? Smart city in Africa an illusion or opportunity?
● Objectives : To present the first African Smart Cities projects (State of the art, visions, national strategies …) Promote the sharing of information in favor of feedback and good practice.
●Dario GIULIANI - Founder of Briter Bridges for a Mapping about innovation in Africa ?
●Aurélie A. SOULE ZOUMAROU – Minister of Bénin
●Antoine SEBARA - Government Chief Innovation Officer - Rwanda
●Amédée SANTALO – Expert international Smart City
●Jérôme CHENAL - Academic Director at Excellence in Africa at EPFL
●Karim KOUNDI – Deloitte Africa (Tunisie)
●Roxane DELA - CEO Soteko City
●Stéphane LELUX - Tactis - Do4Africa
11.30 AM

Official opening ceremony moderated by M. Wassim BELARBI

Tribute to the creativity and the innovation of young africans
Speech of the president of the organization’s committee Africup :
● M. Tomi DAVIES – Co Founder - African Business Angels Network (Nigeria)
Graines d'entrepreneurs
● Maycem Ayachi
● Amine Kannou
Spécial Keynote : 10 min
●Speech of M. Anouar MAAROUF -tunisian Minister of TIC
●Speech of M. Lacina KONE – CEO Smart Africa
Ministers’ declaration of intent– Bénin, Burkina Faso, Congo RDC, Djibouti, Ghana, Mali, Niger Rwanda, Sénégal
● Speech of Dr. Andreas Reinicke, Embassy of Germany
● Speech of M. Anouar MAAROUF - Tunisian Minister of TIC
● Speech of M. Youssef CHAHED – head of tunisian Government
● Label ceremony by M. Anouar MAAROUF -- Tunisian Minister of TIC
2.00 PM

Panel 3 : Smart City and the opportunities for African Startups

What are the innovative projects that address the challenges of future agriculture, access to water and purity ? What are these new services and applications that are emerging ? Is Agritech the key to transforming Africa’s agricultural production model ? How can African startups support this transformation ? How did startups know how to make recycling a major health issue a real profitable business ? How have smart water meters managed by micropayment changed the lives of Africans ?
● Objectives : Showcase African startups, their innovation, creativity in the service of agriculture, access to water and waste management. To show that there are solutions for Africa.
● Thierry BARBAUT –Digital Director The Guilde
●Ibrahima GUIMBA SAIDOU – Niger
●Julia BELLO-SCHÜNEMANN (PhD) - Senior Researcher, African Futures and Innovation at Institute for Security Studies (ISS) – Nigéria
● Abdoulaye BANIRÉ DIALLO - Professor of bioinformatics at the university of Québec in Montreal - Guinée
●Abdou MAMAN - TechInnov - Niger
●Venan A. SONDO - CEO Chaint -Ghana Roy Layaral – CEO Infocorp – Rwanda
●Zakaria Fahim - President BDO & co-founder HubAfrica - Maroc
  • by AFRIC’UP Agritech/ WaterTech/ CleanTech/Greentech
  • Oya Room
3.00 PM

Panel 4 : New technologies and the emergence of new services in Africa

The Smart City uses multi-directionally data masses between the interconnected objects. That’s why cybersecurity and data management are essential. Networks, Big Data, AI, Blockchain and the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) are the heart of the smart city of tomorrow. What solutions, applications can African startups bring? How to adapt these technologies to African cities? How is cybersecurity being built in Africa ? What are the stakes, regulations of cybersecurity and also the protection of data ?
● Objectives : To demonstrate that there are many African startups that already use these technologies to develop applications and provide practical solutions adapted to African cities. To highlight the role, actions of African States in cybersecurity and data management.
● George NENYI ANDAH - Ghana
● Rodrigue FOUAFOU - Entrepreneur, startup investor - Cameroun
● Fredrik HANSEN - Cyber Intelligence thought leader working with Government and Private sector, as well as different international enforcement agencies and the military - Suéde
● Wassel BERRAYANA - Proxym Group Tunisia
● Karim ELLEUCH - CEO Sentinology – Tunisie
● Nick CHRISTIERSON - CEO Diginex - UK
● Kelvin AKPE - CEO House Africa Blockchain – Nigéria
● Maarouf BARRY - Co founder Eleis Farm - Guinee
● Nelly CHATUE DIOP - Data Strategy, Blockchain – Co-foubder Nzinghaa lab
  • by AFRIC’UP IA/Blockchain/IoT /Big Data/Cyber security
  • Oya Room
3.40 PM - 4.20 PM

Panel 5 : Smart City challenges for the continent through African startups

The Lifi (light fidelity) Enables us to send and exchange information by luminous signal and the development of the solar off-grid showed how these technological innovations can project Africa into the future. Similarly, smart grids cover a large number of fields and applications : transport, adaptable distribution on the continent.
Sharing economy and collaborative model, what model for transport and mobility in the African city? How will digital reinvent urban mobility and transport ? To address the inadequacy of health systems in Africa, more and more digital initiatives are being developed to combat recurrent infections and diseases. What are its applications, startups that innovate in e-health ?
● Objectives : To be one of many African startups that are created in e-health, energy, transport and showcase their simple, original, frugal innovation that transforms the lives of their fellow citizens.
keynote : 10 min
● M. Felix RHÖSE - ITQ responsible- Germany
● Othman EL FERDAOUS – Morocco Secretary of State
● George KIBALA BAUER – GSMA - Kenya Oswald JUMIRA - Group Head of Innovation Partnerships for Liquid Telecom – Afrique du Sud
● Ange Frederick BALMA - CEO LifiLed – Côte d’Ivoire
● Ahmed MEDHAT - CEO Mazboot - Egypte
● Abdou SAMB President at FRS Consulting, specialist of innovation in Africa (Sénégal)
4.50 PM

Panel 6 : Social Innovation and Citizen Participation

Citizen participation and public transparency in the digital age. Internet, mobile phone and social networks enable citizens to be connected, informed and be able to act collectively, reshaping the relationship between power and citizens. What are the existing projects in Africa ? What opportunities does digital bring against corruption, regulation, improvement of administrative services ? Trust is one of the foundations of Smart City, how to secure information, data against cybercrime ? ● Objectives : To highlight the involvement of African citizens and startups who are at the origin of many innovations, creations, and showcase the best digital projects in Civitec, Legaltech in Africa. Encourage democracy, the fight against corruption, administrative efficiency by revealing the best African projects.
● Kamissa CAMARA - Minister of Mali
● Hanane BOUJEMI, Executive Director, Tech Policy Tank - UK
● Tina ALLTON - Vice President of Global Women Leaders Committee - Ghana
● Wafa BEN-HASSSINE - Access Now - Tunisian
● Ali SAFRAOUI – CEO Kawalis - Maroc Mamadou GOURO SIDIBÉ Lenali - Mali
● Mme Canan ATILGAN - Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung -Germany
  • by AFRIC’UP Civitec/ Social impact/ Legaltech/Govtech
  • Oya Room
8.00 PM


9.00 AM

Panel 7 : Is the industrialization of startup innovation for Smart Cities in Africa possible ?

The industry of the future will come from startups. When will it be from Africa ? The network of fab labs, incubators, accelerators have democratized access to resources, machines and tools form an idea into a prototype. How to move from prototype to market? How to support the best African innovations ? How can African Smart Cities benefit from these innovations ? ● Objectives : To show the creativity of African startups, their pragmatic approach taking into account local specificities to develop solutions for Smart Cities. But also the limits (financing, vision, scalability,..) that these startups encounter during their growth
● Venegda Bienvenue KASSOUM - advisor to the Presidency - Burkina Faso
● Bienvenue ANGUI - Director Le Mittelstand BVMW - Director Mittelstand Alliance Africa - Allemagne/Cote d’Ivoire
● Sename KOFFI AGBODJINOU – Architect - Develop africain’s cities around innovation places – Projet HubCités africaines - Togo
● Christian JEKINNOU – Afric’Innov - Bénin
● Ghana Hub Network
● Anis Sahbani - Associate Professor at Université Pierre & Marie Curie - CEO & Founder of Enova Robotics - Tunisie
● Léocadie Ebakissé - Executive Tribe builder& International speaker (France/Afrique)
Keynote : Building strong Tech Startup ecosystems in Africa
● Jan Schwaab, Head of Make-IT in Africa GIZ
● Yaw Adu-Gyamfi - Ghana Hubs Network
● Ghana Hubs Network
  • by africUp Fablabs/Incubators/Accelerators/Innovation
  • Oya Room
9.40 AM

Panel 8 : Supporting Digital Innovation Ecosystems: What Role for Major International Groups

The smart city is a collaborative vision of the “smart” city, centered on its inhabitants. How to bring together the actors of the digital ecosystem (start-ups, communities, industrial groups, SMEs and associations) to reflect on the design of future cities that meet the needs and uses of their inhabitants. Deep Tech brings breakthrough innovations and tackles the major issues of our time, notably in Africa, digital transformation, climate change, the reduction of inequalities… How can major African groups and startups cooperate and foster synergies in the development of Smart Cities ?
● Objectives : How to create open innovation programs in partnership between African startups and large groups in order to produce and invent innovative solutions to African Smart Cities' problems? Can we draw inspiration from projects such as the European “Deep Tech 4 Good” Acceleration Programme for Africa ?
● Augustin KIBASSA MALIBA – Congo RDC
● Christophe VIARNAUD – Methys/AfricArena - south of africa/France
● Mehdi OMAROUAYACHE - President of the Algerian Digital Cluster (Algeria)
● Cathrin FRISEMO - Swedish Mentor - - Investor - Nordic IT – Suéde
● Kathleen JOBIN - Director of development of innovation of local poles in Québec (Canada)
● Tarik HILALI – Microsoft Africa - Maroc
● Naji BOUCHIBA - Consultant in guided innovation by uses and experience
Keynote : Harnessing the digital revolution for sustainable development
● Hendrik Denker, Deputy Head of Unit at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • by Open Innovation/ Tech for good/ Deep Tech
  • Oya Room
10.30 AM

Panel 9 : What solutions to finance african startups ?

Financing startups are building the economies of tomorrow in Africa, it is accompanying the new needs of the cities of the future. So how do the International Investment Funds, donors and African Business Angels harness the continent’s potential, dynamism, by facilitating and strengthening entrepreneurship and innovation in Africa ? What places, investor interests for African startups developing applications for Smart Cities ?
● Objectives : What concrete actions need to be taken to act for the emergence of an environment favorable to more entrepreneurs and private capital in African startups ? What tools are currently available on the continent ? How can we better fi nance Africa’s digital ecosystem ?
●Lacina KONE – CEO Smart Africa
●Zied LADERI – Minister
●Norman Schräpel, Senior Expert and Projects Lead GIZ & Make-IT Tunisia
● Florian KEMMERICH - Managing Partner at Bamboo Capital - Susse
● David VAN DIJK - VC4Africa/ABAN – Pays Bas
● Tomi DAVIES - ABAN - Nigéria
● Ido SUM – TLC - UK
● Amor BOUAZOUADA – DG APII - Tunisia
● Alioune GUEYE - President at L'Afrique qui Ose ! & HubAfrica - Sénégal
  • by africUp Seed fund/venture capital/Crowdfunding/Business Angels/Diaspora
  • Oya Room
11.20 AM

Panel 10 : How to create African digital champions for Smart City?

The need for Africa is to create champions, success stories, to promote the emergence of digital startups capable of driving change, producing wealth, serving as a model. Is there a recipe for developing in African markets? The African Smart City will create many perspectives, possibilities in digital, how can African startups position themselves? Digital technology is shaping tomorrow’s Africa, particularly with the emergence of innovative urban projects around Smart Cities, how can we help, assist and support startups to take advantage of these emerging markets? ● Objectives : How can African startups position themselves in the development of African Smart Cities ? What are the solutions ? How can we encourage cooperation between African startups ? How can African digital leaders emerge for Smart City ? Identify the opportunities and needs of African startups to develop partnerships and engage public and private projects
keynote : 10 min
● Amadou DAFFE - CEO Gebaya - Ethiopie ● Cheik KANTÉ - Minister of digital Sénégal
● Houda Imane FARAOUN – Ministre Algeria
● Lena OSCARSSON - COO Innovosense AB - Swedish Innovator, Investor, Nordic IT – Suéde
● Me Fleur Tchibota - Head of Communication at Africa50
● Ammin YOUSSOUF - Founder Afrobyte - Comores/France
● Arthur CHUPEAU - Venture Capital – France/Singapour
● Didier NKURIKIYIMFURA – Director of Innovation Smart Africa - Rwanda
● Farida AKADIRI - International Keynote Speaker - Trainer – Consultant (France/Côte d’Ivoire)
● BAYBARS ALTUNTAŞ - Chairman, World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF)
  • by africUp Digital Transformation/Innovation Management/Success Factors/Design Thinking
  • Oya Room
12.20 AM

Panel 11 : Tourism, Digital Culture in African Smart City

he Smart City connects the entire city with tourists, it provides guides, specific services, organizes cultural visits, room and restaurant reservations. Culture and intelligent tourism are the continuity of the Smart City. These customized solutions are developed by startups. How can African startups participate in the emergence, enhancement of cultural and historical heritage through the use of digital creative tools «Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D, gamification» How can video games be used to discover the history, myths, African cultures ?
● Objectives : To give African startups the opportunity to value and showcase cultural heritage ? Present the main initiatives, projects related to video games, VR in Africa ? Take a look at innovative projects in Smart Tourism? List the African startups around the activities of the digital creative industries and encourage cooperation, exchange of experiences ?
● Marina Giardina - Tourism & Cultural Creative
●Industries (ICC) Manager - France
● Sidick Bakayoko - Founder and CEO at Paradise Game - Côte d'Ivoire
● Mohamed Jean-Philippe Sangaré - Founder & CEO @ SSVAR / XR|#SciTech – Suisse
● TFANEN -Tunisie Creative – european Union
● Cheik KEYTA - Guinée
● Maguette MBOW - Digital Innovation,
Transformation Entrepreneur and Professor - Sénégal
  • by africUp Virtual Reality/e-Tourism/ NFC Technology/QR Codes/3D/Gaming/ Augmented Reality/
  • Oya Room
2.00 PM

Panel 12 : African Smart City, toward and anticipation of the transfomation of trades and skills

Education and training will therefore be key sectors for the development of african Smart Cities, what actions should be implemented ? How to prepare young people for the change brought about Smart City ? How can new sectors be set up to meet the challenges of Smart City ? How can digital tools be democratised, particulary in the field of education, so that everyone can take ownership of them ?
• Yvon BONDOUMBOU - Afrikan Campus – Congo
• Benoit MARTIN - Africa Talent - Sénégal
• Douglas MBIANDOU - 10 000 Codeurs - France/Cameroun
• Marenne DIENG - Draper University – USA/Cameroun
• Fatim CISSE – CEO DUX – Cote d’Ivoire
• Alexandre COSTER – CEO Baobab+ Madagascar/France
• Prof. Farouk KAMOUN - President of the University SESAME, Tunisia
2.40 PM

Panel 13 : Smart City Africaine: Startups as a lever for the transition to a Smart Economy

The concept of smart economy is at the heart of the Smart City movement. Smart City is becoming the driving force behind economic growth. It is the digitization of the economy, it is the commercial interaction with mobile payment, the QR Code, cryptomonnaie, blockchain... How to strengthen, promote, the capacities of the multiple actors of the African entrepreneurship ecosystem. (training, coaching, mentoring, market access and networking services) in response to its new uses and technologies. Objective : To improve the quality of the support and assistance services offered to entrepreneurs. Identify the main challenges facing African start-ups and innovators in the field of fintechs, as well as the best practices developed. How to help in the creation and development of a company, what are the key factors for success, how to perpetuate its startup. How to promote an entrepreneurial culture and the spirit of innovation in Africa ? Identify promising sectors, identify good contacts, establish partnerships... keynote : 10 min
• Thibault VERBIEST – – Blockchain International Expert - Belgique
• David M. NYAMU – Marketing Director - Equity Bank – Kenya
• Miles PELHAM Founder– Diginex – south of africa
• Philippe Ben Moussa - Head of Innovation I Deloitte France I France • Jawher FERJAOUI – CEO La Poste Tunisia • Daniel MATALON – CEO Slik - France Souk Attanmia Startups:
• Mohamed Mekki Maalej - Founder M2M • Anis Ben Romdhane – Founder Geomatics Engineering Moderator :
• Sonia BARBARIA I Partnership specialist I Banque africaine de développement
  • by africUp Innovation, entrepreneurship, social and environmental impact of the Smart Economy
  • Oya Room
2.15 PM - 2.30 PM


3.40 PM

Panel 14 : African Digital Hub

In a context of shared trust built on Open innovation and multicultural rapprochements, the Digital Port is a unifying project capable of linking Africa with the rest of the world in the long term. • Attractiveness, connectivity, and modernization of Africa by the Digital Growth • Resilience: inclusion in the Europe / Africa zone, stability and peace, social progress brought about by the development of employment. • Digital sovereignty of Africa
Minister :
Minister Counselor of the President of the Republic of Djibouti Company :
• HUAWEI • Tunisie Telecom speakers :
Africain Association of Télécoms deposit fund Tunisia • Aymen Mtimet : Connectivity and Interconnection of Africa - The Digital Cardinals. The concept of Digital Port Bridge of innovation & Open Business Africa – Guinée Conakry
  • by africUp Connectivity and Interconnection of Africa - The Digital Cardinals. The concept of Digital Port
  • Oya Room
4.30 PM

Closing Ceremony

• Lacina KONE – CEO Smart Africa
• Houda Imane FARAOUN – Algerian Minister
8.00 AM - 5.00 PM


• 24H Challenge.
• 10 Tunisian Students.
• (300-500) Visitors ( Speakers, Sponsors, Partners, Startups, Candidates of Afric’Up Hackathon for Students, Candidates of Afric’Up Hackathon for Startups, Afric’Up Pitch for Early Stage,Investors, African Ministers)
• Nautical animation
• Music, Foods & Drinks

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