Africup Hackathons : For Startups

24H Challenge
20 Africain Startups
1 Training Partner
1 Sponsor
5 Partners

It is a support program for innovative startups and companies in which, will “disrupts” the ecosystem.
-Afric'Up proposes to reverse the trend: to start with the market demand to reach a win-win model for Big Companies and StartUps.
-Afric'Up targets entrepreneurs who started their businesses and start-ups in their early stage and accompanies them by connecting them directly with investment funds and large companies.

The Afric'up startup hackathon will bring together a dozen African startups for two consecutive days to work on a specific project or issue proposed by a Sponsor. These African startups can meet with CEOs and investors, learn new technologies and develop their skills alongside experienced mentors. Experts, mentors and coaches will be present for coaching and guidance.

  • Number of Teams : 10 African startups .
  • Number of persons per Team : 10 Teams, not more than 3 members per team
  • Place : Laico Hotel Tunis
  • Allocated Time : 48 H during the event