Africup Hackathons : For students

24H Challenge
20 Africain Students
1 Training partner
1 technical partner 1 Sponsor
5 Partners

Innovate, innovate, innovate… INNOVATE !!!

Afric'up student hackathon attracts and connects a community of the most talented Tunisian and African students, who want to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. Afric'up student hackathon offers them a comfortable and invigorating atmosphere to encourage them to use their skills and allow them to develop creative and innovative ideas around a well-defined theme/issue by our Sponsor.

These students will be able to meet many digital leaders, learn new technologies and develop their skills alongside experienced mentors.
Experts, academics and coaches will be present for guidance and mentorship during the event.

  • 20 African students resident in Tunisia, 20 Tunisian Students .
  • 8 Teams, not more than 5 members per team
  • Place : Laico Hotel Tunis
  • Allocated Time : 48 H during the event